Hal Price- Author

The Adventures of Eli Bear and His Friends
Hal Price

Hal Price, Author

Hal brings his love of writing, telling stories with his soothing “Southern Charm and Wit” by way of a series of “Heroic Heart Stories” as told by a Mother Bear to her young bear cub named, Eli “Bear Behind”.

A New Chapter Book in Story-Verse!

I know this may sound crazy,
But I know this much is true.
You do not choose your journey here,
Your journey chooses you.

Eli Benjamin Bear arrives early to the world in need of special care, but with love and new friends, he discovers the secrets of a Heroic Heart.

With his mother’s loving lullaby in his heart, his father’s Bear Essentials Code to live by, and a caring nurse’s lessons, Eli begins to repair his heart from the inside out and the outside in.

But Eli’s story becomes a race against time when he must beat a pending blizzard to find his way home before hibernation puts him into a long winter’s sleep. He shares his heart along the way, saving a rascally raccoon and a honey bee in need. And then only with their help in turn can he succeed in his quest.

Join this brave bear cub and his friends in their grand adventures on the journey home.


Hal reminds us all that “We did not come here to lead ordinary lives!”

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About “The Eli Bear Series”:

Hal’s first book in the Eli Bear Series will be released September 9, 2018, on National Teddy Bear and National Grandparents’ Day. In this foundational Family Chapter Book for the series, we meet Elijah Benjamin Bear as he makes a premature entry into the world with a weakened heart. Eli and the reader are strengthened by the care he receives at Heroic Heart Hospital, and by the guidance he receives from his mother’s inspirational words, his magic blanket, Mother Nature and the new friends he makes.

They Are in a Race to Beat Deep Sleep!

Eli heals his heart and must now journey home with his new friends before the threat of a heavy winter snow puts him into deep hibernation sleep for the long winter. Through engaging and often humorous chapter verses, we all learn to understand the power of our own heroic hearts.

What’s Next?

Hal is currently working on numerous shorter, full-color books in the Eli Bear Series as well as children’s books of historical stories with the lessons of a heart’s many virtues. In these, Hal shares his heart-connecting stories that blend poetry, inspiration, rich and true stories from history with lessons that teach key virtues and life lessons. These stories magically weave information about the power of our thoughts, words and beliefs with real-life historical characters and events to teach and inspire.

Messages for Us All
Hal reminds us all that “we did not come here to lead ordinary lives” and that “we can change the world just by being ourselves.”

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

Eli BearName: Elijah Benjamin Bear
Hometown: Bear Ridge, TN
Goes By: Eli Bear
Nickname: Eli “Bear Behind”

Eli made a surprising entry into the world several months before his parents expected him. He came suddenly one brisk fall morn while his father was far away on a month-long sales trip. Because he was born prematurely, his mother had to be rushed to Bear Memorial Hospital to inspect his weakened heart.



Eli BearName: Roy Raccoon
Hometown: Crow Caw, TN
Nickname: “Rascal Roy”

A master of carefree chaos, Rascal Roy is a quick-witted, clever fellow. His home town is Crow Caw, near Heroic Heart Hospital outside of Nashville, Tennessee. He loves the great variety of leftovers he gets from the hospital cafeteria trash outside on Meatball Mondays and “Free-For-All Fridays.” When he is disappointed in the leftovers the other days of the week, he likes to sneak in through the rafters of the hospital to raid the staffkitchen refrigerator to sneak their sandwiches and Honey-Beary Jam. Rascal is adventurous and has few boundaries. But this means he tends to get into trouble everywhere he goes.



Eli BearName: Betty Lou Rabbit
Hometown: Bunyon Holler, TN
Goes By: Floppsy
Nickname: “Ms. Flopps-A-Lot”

Born in Bunyon Holler, Tennessee, Floppsy is a quiet observer of life and circumstances. She is a bunny of few words, but when she speaks, her words of wisdom and encouragement make her the strongest creature in any room.



Ruth LeOla BearName: Ruth LeOla Bear
Hometown: Osiyo, TN (Means “Hello Mother/Teacher” in Cherokee)
Goes By: Mom
Favorite Pastimes: Singing, Telling Stories, Working in her Garden

Ruth is every young child’s dream for a mother. She is caring, funny, loves children’s books and is the best rhymer and “boo-boo fixer” in the world. Her parents were struggling foragers until one day her dad was inspired to make “Honey-Beary Jam” quite by accident.


Name: Harold J. Bear
Hometown: Mill Town
Goes By: Dad
Nickname: “Pete”
Favorite Food: Honey Beary Jam

Pete rose from very humble beginnings as the oldest of seven children of Leila and C.J. Bear. His father worked in the small mill town carrying pine trees that were cut for the local mill to make paper.


Name: William Beauregard Jones III
Hometown: Bunyon Holler, LA
Goes By: Billie
Nickname: “Red Square”
Favorite Snack: Licorice Jelly Beans

Billie’s family is from a long line of scrappy war vets from Louisiana who all served the United States for over 150 years in the U. S. Military. Billie’s many freckles, red hair and squared off top helped him earn the nickname from his friends of “Red Square”.


About The Author - Hal Price

After serving as a lifetime marketing and branding executive for two Fortune 100 companies, his own branding agency and for professional athletes (including Four-Time NASCAR Champion, Jeff Gordon), Hal moved from Atlanta, GA in 2015 to the small beach town of Carpinteria, CA to put his heart and acquired skills to work writing and telling stories, volunteering and speaking.

In 2015, Hal begin using his creative, marketing and writing skills to fuel his passion for helping children remember how unique and special they are and inspire the gifts and their “soul’s wisdom” to find and use their unique gifts.

He does this through his HEROIC HEART STORIES platform and he is launching the foundational series of books from this line this September called, “The Eli Bear Series”.

Hal is currently completing a series of both Family Books as well as Children’s books designed to teach key virtues and lessons of the heart and from listening to the “secret whispers of their inner wisdom.”

He is the father of three purpose-driven children, a grandfather of two adorable little red-headed angels.

When he is not writing or speaking, he can be found walking the beach, salt marsh and mountains of his new home snapping photos of breath-taking landscapes and wildlife.


“Hi Hal....My kids and grandkids have just left and I have finally had a chance to spend a little time with Eli and his family. I’m only through Chapter 14 of your masterpiece and I am already looking for that next quiet opportunity to dive back in. The invaluable lessons that you have seamlessly woven into this heart opening tale are straight from Heaven Itself.

I also wanted to let you know that I “kid tested” your Color Children’s Book which blends History, Fantasy and Virtues of the Heart. “The Legend of Grandpa Droopy Drawers” was a hit, especially with both of my grandkids who are 7 & 10-year-old. My 10-year-old granddaughter was mesmerized! You’ll be glad to know that she proclaimed that your book WILL BE in her school library! Your future looks bright Hal because to quote one of my favorite authors from my new favorite book, 'Remember every word and thought creates the world you see.'

Thanks again, you are a blessing to the lives you touch, Hal.”


Ginny C

Carpinteria, CA

“Hal Price's work is masterful. He has a gift to reach right in and touch your heart. The Eli Bear Series is not just for children. It takes the most important virtues and weaves them into the stories in a magical way. I highly recommend them to everyone...the young and the young at heart. It is refreshing to read these stories and know that many parents will be connecting with their children through Eli Bear in a deeper, more meaningful way.”


Susan Jeffrey Busen

Carpinteria, CA

“The Eli Bear Series is the most wonderful story I have read in ages.

Hal has a gift. He brings in the human story of all mankind. He brings up how life is and a fresh way to look at our lives.

In an old-fashioned, simple and heart-centered manner, he is able to address difficulties that we all face and somehow makes everything okay.

I do deep subconscious work for a living. He's speaking from that Inner reality. How he does it is very magical.

This book is for everyone, it's not just for children. I see this series as great bedtime storybooks, to lull us to a safe place, to encourage us to put down our screens and connect to what is truly important.”


Ursula L.


“Heartwarming music to the soul and ears, Eli is a gift to the entire family. I am glad I brought Eli Bear home.”


Merle Yost

Carpinteria, CA


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